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Below, if you're interested, is why it's not here anymore...

I once had a comprehensive bio on the NBC Newsvine site; and to keep things simple in life, I used it as my bio for pretty much everything; just linked everyone, everywhere, to the Newsvine bio.

Then NBC changed its MS-NBC website and automatically gave all Newsvine account holders nice, new MS-NBC accounts, too; and that was cool.

However, what wasn't cool is that NBC pre-populated our MS-NBC bio areas with our Newsvine bio text. That wouldn't have been so bad, though, were it not for that the MS-NBC bio area couldn't handle the length of my Newsvine bio text; and so my MS-NBC bio was trucated.

So, fine: I wrote, in my MS-NBC bio area, to just see my bio on Newsvine...

...not knowing that my Newsvine bio data wasn't merely pre-popluated into the MS-NBC site's bio area; rather, they two bio areas were connected, so that whatever I wrote on the MS-NBC site would show-up on the Newsvine site, too (and vice versa, it turned-out, though I didn't yet know that.

And so, by my typing in the MS-NBC bio area that one should go see my Newsvine bio, my comprehensive Newsvine bio text was lost... which, of course, I didn't realize 'til I went back to my Newsvine site and was horrified to find the two sites' bio areas connected. They still are... insensibly.

Ohboy, was I ever upset when I contacted NBC's support staff! Fortunately, they eventually found my accidentially-overwritten Newsvine bio text and emailed it to me. However, I could no longer use it in either bio space because the lowest-common-denominator MS-NBC site's limited-length bio area couldn't handle the Newsvine bio's length.

So, again, fine: I simply put my official bio over on Facebook, where I now point everyone.


If I ever get around to finishing re-doing my own website (which I've not found the time to do for literally years), then that's obviously where will be the best place for my official bio. Until then, though, the Facebook thing will just have to do.

Sorry to make you now click to go there and read it. I'm hoping NBC will notice how it's making me send people from its sites in order to see my bio; so that it will both disconnect what I write in one place from the other; and also so that it will make both sites' bio spaces long, like Newsvine's.

I won't hold my breath, though, for either thing to happen. [grin]

All that said, the NBC sites are still pretty cool... though I'm none too happy about Comcast's ownership of them, now. For those of us old enough to remember NBC from back in the days of black-and-white-only, over-the-air-only, pre-cable-days TV, it's almost quite literally the end of the world as we know it. [grin]

Yet here I still am. Go figure.

Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California USA
gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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